Angol nyelvű színházi előadás

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Két év kihagyás után iskolánk diákjai ismét egy nagyszerű angol nyelvű színházi előadást nézhettek meg Székesfehérváron. Idén a program népszerűsége rekordot döntött, 98 diák és 4 angol szakos tanár volt részese ennek a különleges élménynek. Az Állatfarm (George Orwell regénye alapján) előadást az American Drama Group Europe társulat vitte színre, rendező: Gaspard Legendre, színészek: Tomàs Barry, Conrad Jones Bragan, Glyn Connop, Bastian Tyrko, Tony Wadham.

Itt olvasható az angol nyelvű beszámoló, írta: Kais Tamás (11.a)

Review and opinion on George Orwell’s Animal Farm by Tamás Kais

George Orwell was a British novelist, who is known for his social criticism and support of democratic socialism. He was against Stalinism and fought the communists in the Spanish Civil War. These philosophies of his are the main aspect in the political satire we saw.

Animal Farm invites the viewer to spectate the downfall of a society, leading into a dystopia. The animals on the „Manor Farm” engage in a successful rebellion in hopes of a better life, taking over and renaming the farm „Animal Farm” as well as setting seven main rules for Animalism, the most important being „All Animals Are Equal”. The pigs elevate themselves into leadership, the superior leader being a pig named Napoleon. Eventually the pigs develop human-like behaviours, while the other animals naively work hard on the farm, not knowing what is going on in the background. As time passes all rules are broken and changed to favour the leaderment, e.g. when a goose is executed for being a traitor, they added the words „without a cause” to the rule „No animal should kill another animal” and so. Years pass and Napoleon holds a dinner party with a farmer, while offending multiple rules, like drinking alcohol, wearing clothes and making interactions with humans. The other animals can no longer tell the difference between Napoleon and people. At the end, the main rule was changed to „All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

All of the characters and acts have a political allegory behind them. The farm being an allegory for Communism; Boxer, the horse being a symbol for the naive working class, the rebellion being the Bolshevik Revolution and so on.

Lastly I want to deify the performance. I found the actors and the set perfect for this kind of story. It was minimalist, consisting of five actors for a dozen of characters and only one set for multiple places. They used smart methods to give a fun experience to the viewers. They held bags when they played the geese and the chickens, they rebuilt the entire set to form different locations, wore a beanie when they played the humans, and I was fond of the minimalist solutions.

At the end of the day this performance was a really great experience for me, and it makes me want to go the theatre more often to see such brilliant works.